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BlueHost™ was established in 1996, making them one of the strongest companies in the web hosting industry. In this Bluehost review, I learned that this company puts their customers first. Let’s dive in…

The company has always focused on shared hosting – always optimizing and refining their product and service to maximize customer satisfaction. For this reason, Bluehost is widely regarded as the number one shared hosting specialist. Today, BlueHost™ is a 300-people company and is trusted by millions of clients from all over the world.

Is BlueHost™ Reliable?

We have tested BlueHost’s services and we can confidently say that their optimized shared servers are as reliable as they claim. After all, millions of clients and 20,000 new customers per month can’t be wrong!

BlueHost advertises 99.9% network uptime guarantee, which means that their networking equipment is guaranteed to stay online for 99.9% of the time in a given period.

Uptime Data: 99.86% Uptime Based on 206,837 checks since Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008

This availability does not include scheduled maintenance or hardware failure. BlueHost™ is one of the very few hosting companies that fully owns their infrastructure, instead of reselling someone else’s.

They own 3 full data centers totaling more than 70,000 square foot of hosting space to multiple 10 GB fiber lines. What does this mean for the average customer? It means that BlueHost™ is an integrated company that controls all segments of the infrastructure, which makes it easy to troubleshoot problems and fine tune equipment.

We expect BlueHost™ to deliver high availability and excellent service.

Check out their annual 2010 up time report below. 

One Great Hosting Plan

With BlueHost™, it’s easy – there are no endless plan configurations, with different specs and confusing fees. They offer one type of hosting service only, focusing on shared web hosting. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that small businesses and organizations can’t use this shared hosting plan; in fact, the plan is so feature-packed that it may appear as a very sweet deal for the companies that have low to moderate traffic requirements.


The hosting plan offers the following unlimited resources:

·       Unlimited domains hosting

·       Unlimited gigabytes traffic

·       Unlimited gigabytes disk space

·       Unlimited email accounts

As you can see, this company makes it easy to find a powerful solution that will definitely meet your hosting needs.
Other features of their shared plan include Secure Shell access (unavailable at many other shared hosts like iPage or Fatcow), FTP, Stats, cPanel and much more. The price of the plan is $6.95, with no activation fee and no hidden fees.

Harness the power of your host with cPanel

We have tested the shared web hosting services offered by BlueHost™ and the results are positive. We liked the fact that the company offers the easy-to-use and efficient cPanel administration tool, which gives users complete control over their web hosting account.

BlueHost™ has deployed a custom version of cPanel, which includes more functions than the standard installations. Among these functions, we can count domain management, the Postini email security suite, SSL certificate management, and more.

All the functions of cPanel that users know and love are kept in their custom version, from email management to database administration, and many others. You can try out the cPanel yourself with the BlueHost™ cPanel demo.

Create Your Website Easily

BlueHost’s web hosting solution includes a free drag-and-drop website builder. We have tested this tool and we can say that it is very easy to use, especially for the less technical-savvy users. Just by dragging and dropping the elements of the webpage, you can create a great looking site, all in a matter of minutes. Their site builder is a good solution for those who need to create quickly a simple website without many bells and whistles.

If you’re not satisfied of the drag-and-drop site builder, you can simply install a content management system from the Fantastic library, such as WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal. With a little work, you can use these free CMS to create a truly professionally looking website.

Simple eCommerce Solutions

BlueHost™ assists the customers who want to deploy eCommerce applications by offering them several technical features that are essential for running an online store. Among them, we can note the SSL secure server, the password protected directories, and the openPGP encryption. These features allow clients to build secure and reliable eCommerce applications that are protected from fraudsters and the attacks of hackers.

The script library gives you the most popular open source eCommerce applications. Users can choose from OS Commerce, Agora, Cube Cart, and Zen Cart, which can be used to create professional-looking online stores that attract visitors and create revenue.

What If I Need Help With My Website? How Is Bluehost’s Customer Support?

BlueHost™ is recognized as a company that offers excellent customer support. Their team of client support specialists, including sales and technical support experts, is entirely U.S.-based (their head offices are in Utah).

This company boasts that their average hold time for support phone calls is less than 30 seconds. We have tested this claim, and found that the hold times are sometimes even lower than 30 seconds. So, if you’re looking for a responsive support team that understands your concerns and works diligently to solve them, BlueHost™ is a great choice.

Their help center is integrated with cPanel, for easy access, and it includes a searchable knowledge base, user forums, a getting-started wizard and more.

We especially liked the Video Tutorials section, which includes more than 60 helpful and detailed videos that will help you accomplish most common tasks.

What If I Don’t Like BlueHost? Can I Get My Money Back Easily?

If you are not satisfied with the services provided by BlueHost™, you can obtain a full refund for the cost of the hosting plan.

The refund policy does not cover the fees paid by clients for additional services, such as domain names, additional IPs, SSL certificates, and the Postini mail security suite. The costs of these services or features are deducted from the total amount that is refunded to the customer.

BlueHost Review Conclusion:

With millions of customers and a longtime experience in providing quality shared web hosting services, BlueHost™ is a prime option for hosting personal and small business sites. They have a strong support department which allow it to provide short hold times and great support. If you want to start a blog or launch your business online, this host is an effective choice and wise investment.

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