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An Ecommerce website needs to be conversion-friendly. It must attract potential clients and convert them into paying customers. Improved conversions are a direct result of a website that offers top-notch online shopping experience. So when designing Ecommerce websites, you need to make sure your site has been designed from a target shopper’s viewpoint. Give them what they need and you have a profitable website. Build a site that doesn’t cater to their needs and you’ll have to say goodbye to any chance of achieving high conversion rate.

Whether you’re just about to start with an Ecommerce website or you’re trying to improve your current site, these simple ideas will help you create a conversion-friendly Ecommerce site.


Know Your Target Audience

Your audience is the one that will buy products from your site, so know what makes them tick. Remember, buying is an emotional decision, so get an idea about the kind of user emotions that will ultimately trigger a buying decision. At the same time, get an idea of their shopping behavior and the many qualities that they’re looking for in an Ecommerce website to make a buying decision. Understanding your potential clients is crucial for the success of your Ecommerce site because they’re going to make a decision to buy your products based on the visuals and product information you have on offer. If not, it’ll result in shopping cart abandonment.

Seamless and Simple Navigation

Your shoppers want easy navigation that gets them from point A to point B, with minimum fuss. That said, you need to give them a navigation that’ll allow them to browse your product portfolio quickly and conveniently.

Promotional Videos

People love an interactive website that offers the kind of interactive elements that serve some purpose, such as product videos. Videos are the next big thing to touching or feeling a product, and they also promote the benefits of using a specific product. This is a great marketing strategy that adds to your efforts towards better conversions.

Call-to-Action Images

Set aside call-to-action buttons as they’re already part and parcel of every Ecommerce website. What you need to have now are great and eye-catching call-to-action images. These are images that have one defining quality about them – persuasion. These images should persuade your audience to purchase products from your site.

High-Resolution Product Images

Product images are an important visual element on your Ecommerce website. High-resolution product images that showcase the products in all their glory are an absolute must. Your customers want to know what they’re getting, so give them what they really want. Product images that can be zoomed and taken from different angles are an excellent conversion booster.

Engaging and Comprehensive Product Information

Think of an ad for a product that you see in newspapers or magazines, but with more information about the product. That’s how your product information should be. Like product images, product info is another crucial element that triggers conversions. A great product copy is not just about the kind of information that your offer, but also the way you offer that information. Product details must be complete, interesting, and engaging.

Make the Shopping Cart Visible at All Times

Make sure that your shopping cart is always visible to shoppers. You can place it at the top of the right hand corner of the screen. Another good idea would be to ensure that they get the necessary product information on their shopping cart via a drop-down menu. Shoppers have a habit of checking the items ready for purchase so they want continuous access to their shopping cart. Again, this is something that boosts the conversion ratio of your Ecommerce site.

Display Discounts and Specials

If you’re offering discounts on specific products or running some specials, this information must be clearly visible on your website, preferably on your homepage. You want your discount offerings to improve your conversion rate so make sure they grab the attention of your target audience.

Shipping Charges

Would you prefer free shipping or a discount on products? Some people would choose the latter, thinking most shoppers love discounts and that it will boost conversion rates. The truth is, shipping charges are the real conversion killer. So if possible, why not offer free shipping? Well, it won’t make sense to give free shipping for products that are priced at the lower end of the scale, so make sure to define a shopping amount, above which you’ll offer free shipping. Establish a business model that will allow you to offer free shipping to boost conversions.

Keep Everything Simple

As much as possible, avoid onsite complexities. Make sure that you adhere to simple user flow that makes products and their information easily accessible to the shoppers. After all, no shopper is looking for a beautifully crafted Ecommerce website. They’re looking for a site that makes online shopping a breeze.

Taking note of these tips will definitely help you build or improve an Ecommerce site that sets cash registers on fire. But keep looking for new tips that will help you further improve your site’s conversion rate. You’d do well to remember that a successful Ecommerce site is always a work in progress so keep tweaking it to make it more conversion-friendly.

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