10 Free WordPress plugins for Educational Purpose

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WordPress is an amazing CMS with a variety of plugins to add any kind of functionality to your website in just a matter of clicks. I was developing a site for American teacher to engaged his students. I did a brief search for WordPress plugins and find too many great plugins for education. Today i am sharing my personal recommendation of free WordPress plugins for education purposes.

1. Class Blogs:

The Class Blogs plugin is meant to simplify the process of blogging as a class. It accomplishes this by making it easier to find, organize and analyze the work created by your students.

2. Digress.It:

Digress.it lets you comment paragraph by paragraph in the margins of a text. Since its initial launch, Digress.it has been used by universities, publishers and governments across the world and is cited on various academic and scientific journals as an exemplary online collaboration tool.

3. E-Learning Critical Thinking:

This plugin allows you to add questions, tips, reminders, and notes to the sidebar of a blog post. It is geared towards educators (corporate and institutional) to enable a better E-learning environment.


  • Sidebar tips.
  • Sidebar notes.
  • Sidebar questions.
  • Sidebar reminders.

4. Learning Log:

Learning log is a free, open source plugin for WordPress. It offers teachers and learners advanced functions to use WordPress as a learning tool.


An administration interface for teachers to set up learning logs for students.
The possibility for teachers to create assignments for groups or individuals.
Easy ways to collect and review answers from individual learning logs.
Advanced privacy settings for each learning log entry.
A simplicity toggle, to switch advanced WordPress functions on or off, more user friendly, especially for young learners.

5. Local Market Explorer:

Local Market Explorer 10 Free WordPress Plugins For Educational Purpose

This plugin allows WordPress to load data from a number of neighborhood related APIs to be presented on a single page or within your own pages / posts. The different modules that this plugin contains are as follows:

  • Real Estate Market Activity.
  • Schools.
  • Walk Score.
  • Local Classes.
  • Local Content from NileGuide.
  • IDX / MLS Real Estate Data.
  • Colleges.

6. MTouch Quiz:

mTouch Quiz 10 Free WordPress Plugins For Educational Purpose

Create a multiple choice quiz (or exam). This plugin was written with learning and mobility in mind. The quiz interface is touch friendly.


  • Specify hints based on answer selection.
  • Give a detailed explanation of the solution.
  • Choose multiple correct answers.
  • Specify when the correct answers are displayed.
  • Specify if a question may be attempted only once or many times.
  • Specify point values for each question.
  • Include customized start and finish screens.
  • Randomly order questions and/or answers.

7. Springest Partners for WordPress:

Springest Partners for WordPress 10 Free WordPress Plugins For Educational Purpose

This plugin lets you create an automatically generated set of pages on your WordPress website with a listing of relevant trainings and courses from Springest. Their powerful API provides you with extreme flexibility in the selection of the trainings and courses to be displayed.


Easily display relevant courses from Springiest on your website.
Create your own custom groups/pages for the training you want to display.
Use advanced search queries to select extremely relevant training and courses from the Springiest API.
Choose between their English, German, Dutch and Belgian API’s.
Seamlessly integrated with WordPress.

8. SS Quiz:

SS Quiz 10 Free WordPress Plugins For Educational Purpose

If you need quizzes with wide range of questions, this plugin is for you. Need multiple choices beneath a question? Add several correct and wrong answers. You want user to type answer on their own? Then add just one correct answer while editing.


  • Easy and fast quiz creation.
  • Multimedia in questions.
  • Multiple types of questions.
  • Timer.
  • Emailing to user or teacher.
  • Editable templates for email, welcome/finish screens.

9. Teach Press:

teach Press 10 Free WordPress Plugins For Educational Purpose

The plugin unites a course management system (with enrollments) and a BibTeX compatible publication management. TeachPress is optimized for the needs of professorships and research groups.


  • BibTeX compatible publication management.
  • Course management with integrated enrollment system.
  • BibTeX import for publication entries.
  • BibTeX and RTF export for publication entries.
  • XLS/CSV export for course lists.
  • RSS feed for publications.
  • Widget for displaying books in the sidebar.

10. Xerte Online:

Xerte Online 10 Free WordPress Plugins For Educational Purpose

Xerte Online for WordPress is a server based suite of tools for content authors. E-learning materials can be authored quickly and easily using browser based tools, with no programming required. Xerte Online Toolkit is aimed at content authors, who will assemble content using simple wizards. Content authors can easily collaborate on projects. Xerte Online Toolkit can be extended by developers using Xerte.

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